Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting involved with PIAG? 

 PIAG is looking for volunteers to serve on the governance and strategic committees of the association. Any individual at a PIAG member may submit their desire for placement on one of these committees. Committees are described below along with the interest form.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with different programs, make sure to check back! 

Governance Committee
The governance committee is responsible for the ongoing review and recommendation to enhance the quality and viability of the board and association through ensuring best practices are in place for roles and responsibilities, composition, knowledge, and effectiveness. The committee meets at most one time per month and will be spending the majority of 2018 reviewing the bylaws of the PIAG Educational Foundation. The committee members will outline its recommendations for any changes to the board of directors before a vote to approve changes takes place at the 2019 annual meeting.

Strategic Committee
The role of the strategic committee is to develop, assess, and communicate the strategic plan. Members of this committee helped develop the plan for the TopGolf fundraiser that occurred this past November as well as the new John Dillard Memorial Scholarship to be given out this year. In 2018, they will continue to work on the internship program and will delve into the topic of membership development and other top strategic priorities of the association.