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PIAG Educational Foundation Board of Trustees
Seeking Nominations for the inaugural PIAG Educational Foundation Board of Trustees.

The PIAG Educational Foundation began in 1985 with a $100,000 grant from Dillard Paper and subsequent fundraising created an endowment fund which was used to carry out educational programs for the industry. From 1985-1993, the Foundation continued to grow. Funds were used to enhance the skills of the industry’s workforce through training, ensuring the best people were a part of the profession. The Foundation created programs that stimulated graphic arts awareness and improved graphic arts education in Georgia. Over the past year, the association has seen the revival of the Foundation with the awarding of two $3,000 scholarships.

The purposes of the foundation are:

  • To sponsor, promote, or conduct educational programs for persons involved in or intend to be involved in the graphic communications industry;
  • To sponsor or promote educational programs conducted by related organizations or institutions for the benefit of individuals within or of the graphic communications industry.
  • To sponsor individuals in their quest to attain education or training for the purposes of entering or advancing in the graphic communications industry.
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