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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Industry Postponements and Cancellations


2020 TAGA
2020 Continuous Improvement Conference
2020 FSEA and IADD Joint Conference (possible rescheduling)
2020 SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership and Skills Conference (possible rescheduling)
2020 National Postal Forum


2020 AIGA Design Conference rescheduled for November 12-14, 2020
2020 drupa trade fair rescheduled to April 20-30, 2021

Encouraging Local Representatives to Denote Print as Essential Function

We are in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis, but PIAG remains committed to advocating for the graphic communications industry in Georgia. As we enter the next phase of attempting to control the spread of COVID-19, we’re seeing more and more state and local governments declare “shelter in place” proclamations severely limiting travel and business operations in their territories.
In the state of Georgia, only Athens-Clarke County & the city of August (edited 3/23) has issued a similar decree; no widespread mandates have been ordered. While PIAG is advocating on the industry’s behalf by reaching out to government officials, it is important that decision makers hear directly from the businesses that decisions such as mandated closures will affect.
It’s important for local governments to understand the deep impacts that forced closures of printing business will have on the businesses themselves and the overall economy. PIAG has interpreted most of the decrees thus far from around the country to allow printing businesses to remain operational as they are a) manufacturers that provide a service to other essential businesses and b) many provide shipping or mailing services, another designated essential service.
Some key talking points to discuss with your local & state officials about how allowing printing businesses to remain open during potential closures are as follows:
  • Small businesses, like print shops and commercial printers, are more than capable of functioning without any public contact by restricting or closing off visitors, and maintaining proper social distancing for employees that are working in the business.
  • Printing businesses provide key services to essential businesses still in operation. Examples include producing signage to direct consumers within stores and denoting that restaurants are open for take out & delivery, thus creating a momentum that keeps Georgia’s economy moving. Be specific about what you have done at your business to keep the economy moving.
  • A total shutdown that includes printing companies will put many small printers out of business and cost jobs in Georgia, meanwhile large international and online printing companies with the ability to remain operational will take business away from local areas, again decreasing jobs and revenue produced in the state of Georgia.
On Friday, Mike Boyce, Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, responded to a PIAG member outreach and responded that he plans to support Governor Kemp and allow businesses to operate. This is a great example of the positive effects that personal outreach and advocacy have on the decision making process.
On the national level, PIA is currently working with with the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, and leaders on Capitol Hill to specifically include printing & packaging on the official guidance for what are considered essential services. You can read more about their efforts here.
As always please maintain positive public health precautions in your workplaces. This includes asking employees who are nonessential to production to work remotely from their homes if they are able, practicing social distancing for employees who are in the building, limiting outside contact, and utilizing contactless delivery when possible. Also maintain heightened cleaning & disinfecting of high traffic areas and surfaces.
If you have any questions about reaching out to your local governments, please feel free to reach out to the PIAG team at (770) 433-3050.